Juvenile Detention

Between 1990-2003, of the Asian Pacific Islanders subgroups, Laotian youth had the most total arrests in this period, with a peak of 47 arrests in 1998.

XX Sunday Morning-p10 dkIn the time span shown above, Laotian youth contributed about half of the API arrests in Richmond, California while in 2000, Laotians only made up about 22% of the city’s API population.

Even though the numbers of South East Asian youth arrests were small in number, per capita they had the second and third highest arrest rates (Vietnamese then Laotian). This is a serious problem that needs attention, because it is highly correlated with education. If they are struggling academically this leads to outburst in the community.

More information on this topic:

The Mission of the Laotian American National Alliance is to advocate for the social, economic and educational advancement of Laotian Americans.

Special thanks to Sean Kirkpatrick, Cultural Anthropologist Associate Director, Asian Pacific Psychological Services, for providing these statistics.

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