Secret War in Laos

Secret War Brief Background: During the United States Secret War in Laos (1960-1975) the Royal Lao government committed over 200,000 regular and irregular forces, know as Special Forces, and half a million civilians workers to fight against Communist expansion in Southeast Asia (South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia), alongside American Special Forces along the Laos-Vietnam borders. Over 2,000 Laotian officers, trainers, and commanders of the Special Forces were trained in the United States.

During the Vietnam War, Laos dedicated its Royal Lao Armed Forces to cut the supply lines of North Vietnamese troops and war supplies to the South through the Ho Chi Minh Trails in Laos and to rescue down American pilots and Prisoners of War. Laos had suffered heavy toll during the Vietnam War as over 50,000 Laotian soldiers were killed in action over 120,000 wounded in action and over half of a million displaced villagers from war zones.

After the withdrawal of the U.S. and during the Communist takeover in 1975, over 50,000 veterans became prisoners and were sent to Communist hard labor camps for an average of 10 years. Due to their affiliations with the U.S. during the war, over 75% were executed or died in prisons.

At the 60th Traditional Royal Lao Armed Forces Day (since March 23, 1949), veterans of the Royal Lao Armed Forces and veterans of U.S. Forces during the Vietnam War, are proud to hold a “Special Forces Recognition Day” on March 27, 2010 to commemorate the sacrifice of all veterans of Special Forces in Laos. (Khao Insixiengmay, 2010)

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  1. Hi, my name is Ka Bao and im doing a project on the secrets war in Lao’s. I wanted to ask you guys,advice about the what lead into the secrets war and why do the hmong people form a secret army called “Jao Fa”. This is very important to me on my project so please reply back when you get this e-mail. I would be more then happy to listen and read more about this. My parents know about this to but I need a research from a website.

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