I used to have ten Shadow War books.  I gave to many legislators including Cong. Mike Honda who visited me in 2004. I rate The book 95% for its accuracy. It mentioned that my unit captured 7 NVA, the fact is I captured 17 in Khongsedone. I destroyed five Vietnamese tanks, but he said three. He mentioned about the 1st Airborne Battalion in Luangnamtha, which I was there too was not really accurate. That may be typos. Gen. Soutchay said 5 tanks were destroyed on his book too. James Morrison, my classmate, Infantry Advanced Officer Course 6-71 at Fort Benning GA, 1971. We went to Laos after graduation with a couple of my classmates. I met him in Parkse in 1972. James Morrison was in CA 1992 when last time he wrote me a letter. He probably died already.

On the film, I noticed that I made a freefall jump. But the Hmong credited from it. The Film said, the entire Hmong race were soldiers and good soldiers. In fact 1/3 of the Hmong belonged to the Pathet Lao. The Hmong in Sayabouly or Luangprabang were not belonged to MR # 2. Most of the Road Watch Teams belonged to MR # 3 SGU, and MR # 4. Mugia Pass stats in Nape, a little bit North of the DMZ is in MR # 3. Most of the MR # 3 SGU did watch the Ho Chi Minh Trail. I organized the Road Watch team in MR # 3 because I was the S3 of MR # 3 SGU.

Long Tieng was protected mostly by MR # 3. Maj. Chanh Nosavah, GM 30 or 31 regiment commander which I guess, lost an average of 30 men each day. I was with the Nasseng Headquarter MR # 3 SGU and picked up the Killed in Action to criminate. Later the Thai troops protected Longtieng on the mountain called Sanh Phou Mor in Lao language and Sky Line in English

I went to Bomluang twice and worked with Cher Pao Moua, the Bomlouang Commander. The wife of Cher Pao Moua is in MN now.

Col. Bill Lair recruited the Hmong in MR # 2, but other Special Forces members recruited the Kha,Laotheung, in Southern part of Laos.

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  1. Major Chanh Nosavanh led GM 30. My father in law led GM 30’s BG 313 (Black Dragon) after Nosavanh was promoted from head of BG 313.

  2. When I read your article above it’s a little confusing me when it said Picked up the killed in action and criminated and the names of places were spelled wrong so when you read it it doesn’t sound correctly for example;

    Bomluong should be spelling as Bouamlong

    Sanh phoumor should be spelling as Phoumork (Skyline-2) or foggy mountain

    Napthu & Hakpheng

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