Teen Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancies: #1 in Laotian Americans

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71554591According to a 2003 study by the Public Policy Institute of California, non-marital teen births are also much higher for Laotian teens than for other Asian subgroups.

A 2001 study by the UCSF Center for Reproductive Health Research and Policy found that 19% of allbirths to Laotian mothers were to teen mothers, the highest rate for any group in the state of California.

The Guttmacher Institute found that 51% of teen pregnancies end in birth, 35% in abortion, and 14% in miscarriage. Hence, teen pregnancies for Laotians may be as high as 38%. It should be noted that this differs with DHS estimates (below is a rate from a 1994 report), but even DHS says it’s the highest rate for any group in the State: Laotians have the highest teen birthrate in the State at 8.7%, which contributes to a high rate of unemployment and welfare dependency (DHS 1994).

For more information regarding teenage pregnancy in Laotian Americans, read the 2001 API Teenage Pregnancy final report.

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2 thoughts on “Teen Pregnancy

  1. Why do NGO’s think they need to dictate to cultural groups how to live their life, did you consider that maybe it’s natural for Laotian’s to have children at this age (19 is teen), and that this is just carry over from the homeland. You have no right to judge others, and your meddling may actually cause young women to feel like they have to have abortions out of guilt, enable these young women to build their families with the young men they love, educate them in building families, not hiding through guilt.

  2. “…maybe it’s natural for Laotian’s to have children at this age (19 is teen)..” – Marci

    Maybe it’s natural for Indian husbands to practice bride burning or Taliban men to marry 8 year old girls.

    Not all customs are laudable nor should they be blindly embraced as a consequence of immigration.

    I’m sure Marci champions education for girls in Laos. Why should their American cousins be handicapping their futures because of poorly adapted customs?

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