Lung Disease

lung-cancer3.s600x600When you breathe, your lungs take in oxygen from the air and deliver it to the bloodstream. The cells in your body need oxygen to work and grow. During a normal day, you breathe nearly 25,000 times. People with lung disease have difficulty breathing. Millions of people in the U.S. have lung disease.

If all types of lung disease are lumped together, it is the #3 killer in the United States. But things are bleaker for the Laotian American community.

According to a new report on cancer rates in the Asia-Pacific Islander population conducted by the National Cancer Institute in December 2007,  lung disease is the #1 cause of death for Laotian Americans.

Below is a breakdown of causes of death by gender:

Laotian American Men

  1. Lung (87.3%)
  2. Liver (79.4%)
  3. Stomach (33.1%)
  4. Prostate (30.9%)
  5. Colorectum (30.2)

Laotian American Women

  1. Lung (44.4%)
  2. Breast (36.9%)
  3. Colorectum (27.5%)
  4. Cervix Uteri (24.8%)
  5. Liver (23.1%)
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Lung Diseases<br /></h3>
Lung cancer, Hepatitis B, and liver cancer are the three leading causes of death in the Laotian American community.<br />
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Obesity<br /></h3>
The downside of living well is eating poorly, which is why an alarming number of Laotian American children are obese.<br />

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