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Hepatitis B: Jade Ribbon Campaign



LANA and The Asian Liver Center at Stanford University have partnered in the Jade Ribbon Campaign to translate and disseminate information about the occurrence of Hepatitis B in the Laotian Community. Listen to the Voice of America broadcast regarding this topic.

> Annual Youth Leadership Conference on Asian and Pacific Islander Health (High School Youth)

Did you know that… Liver cancer is the #2 cause of death in the Laotian American community? Laotian Americans are the #1 carriers of Hepatitis B in the United States! Laotian men in California rank #1 in liver cancer death directly related to Hep B.

Here are some vital documents and statistics to help you unite against HBV and liver cancer:

HBV: The Untold Story of an Asian Epidemic

  • “HBV and the Laotian Community” by Anh Tan (4 May 2007)
  • “The Jade Crusade” by Cynthia Nguyen (May 2007)
    Because of the sizes of the pictures in the presentation, the powerpoint presentation has been separated into 7 parts to allow for easier and quicker uploads of the files. Click on the links below for the powerpoint presentation:

  • “Unite Against HBV” by Khammany Mathavongsy (May 2007)
    Mr. Khammany Mathavongsy is a member of the Laotian American National Alliance. LANA is actively advocating for the recognition of the Hepatitis B epidemic in the Laotian American community as part of its strategic plan beginning in 2007.

The Laotian American National Alliance Board Members would like to thank Anh Tan, Cynthia Nguyen and The Asian Liver Center at Stanford University and Khammany Mathavongsy, LANA Board Member, for their contribution in the Jade Ribbon Campaign, against Hepatitis B.

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