Laotian Americans are suffering from lung cancer, Hepatitis B, liver cancer and obesity. Find out what you need to know about these health issues and other social problems plaguing our community.

Liver Cancer
Laotian American are the#1 carriers of Hepatitis B in the U.S.
Lung Diseases
Lung cancer, Hepatitis B, and liver cancer are the three leading causes of death in the Laotian American community
Teen Pregnancy
#1 in Laotian Americans — What can you do to help change this startling statistic among Asian Americans?
The downside of living well is eating poorly, which is why an alarming number of Laotian American children are obese.
Important information regarding Social Security matters
Medical Interpretation Rights
You have the legal right to ask for a qualified “medical interpreter” from any hospital or healthcare provider if your English proficiency is limited.

Minority Issues in Mental Health
Study focusing the impact of immigration on Asians and Hispanics
Emergency Information
In case of EMERGENCY: information in English, Lao and Hmong

Latest Health Care News:

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