Volunteers by State

LANA Volunteers by State

  • ebookArizona
    Ms Anasone Aragon
  • California
    Ms. April Phommavong
  • Florida
    Ms. Vida Vongsay
  • Georgia
    Mr. Amphone Sengchanh
    Ms. Dao Malaytthong
  • New York
    Ms. Sangkham Phouansouvanh (NYC)
    Mr. Vanphouthon Souvannasane
  • Tennessee
    Ms. Thassany Pothikan
    Ms. Kingfa Phammavong
  • Texas
    Mr. Songkham Phanyavong (Dallas)
  • Washington
    Ms. Pom Oupama Kompradith
  • Wisconsin
    Mr. Ackarath Soukhaphon
    Ms. Soumary Vongrassamy

2 thoughts on “Volunteers by State

  1. If possible, I would like to reach out to our DC Representative, Pom Oupama Kompradith to speak about any potential initiatives I would like to be a part of. I am laotion chinese and have been here in the USA since I was 2. I would love to be active with my fellow Laotions and contribute in a meaningful way and elevate the Laos Community. I recently visited the Thai Embassy and was asked to join TAA. I thought it may be best to help our Loation Alliance, to strengthen the Laos Community. Please reply back with a contact number and person to speak with. Thank You.

  2. Dear Souny, respinding to your post on May 7, 2013
    Please send your current contact information to Anasone Silivongsay anasone.lana AT gmail.com
    Thank you,

    Dara Stieglitz
    Volunteer website updater

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