(updated March 29, 2016)

Thank you for your interest in becoming an LANA volunteer or intern. We define Laotian and Lao people as any person whose roots are traced to Laos. We connect and bridge across ethnic, gender, religious, generation gaps, while promoting Lao cultures, unity, and collaboration across the U.S. Your involvement is in accordance to LANA’s mission and vision and our goals.

We currently have the following open positions:

Royal Lao Veterans and H.Res. 210

House Resolution 210 needs to pass by July 2016. In order to make this happen, we need an influx of volunteers and interns interested in public policy, government, US policy. This is also a good opportunity to connect with the staff of your local congressmen and the congressmen.

    • Social network sharing
    • Change.org petition manager
    • Manage and Collate phone calls and letters sent to Congressmen
    • Follow up with Congressmen and staff
    • Connect with families, friends, veterans to gain their support
    • Share the action steps with all interested to gain support for H. Res. 210

    Fundraising Coordinator

    Help board with the organizing and managing t of all fundraisers. Currently one staff member, CEO with a contract with payment pending on funds raised and grants awarded.

    Grant Writing Intern
    Assist the grant writing committee with research and grant writing.

    Social Networking Manager

    Manage our social networking sites to inform, engage and motivate our users.

    • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
      • make connections to fulfill LANA’s goals

    Special Events Interns

    Help with various aspects of the organization and execution of specials events such as the annual Laotian National Conference or the Youth Leadership Summit. Interns will work directly with Volunteer Coordinator. At the end of the internship, the Chair of LANA will write an evaluation letter for the interns highlighting their responsibilities and efforts.

    Volunteer Coordinator

    Responsible for organizing, managing, and outreaching to volunteers for all major events. 

    • Communicates with volunteers and members across the country to provide them with opportunities to network, attend conferences, and leadership training.
    • for the yearly LANA conference
    • for the decennial Census
    • for special events with local organization
    • provides letters of references to interns and volunteers upon completion of event or service

    Web Interns

    LANA requests/looking for interns to volunteer support for its website. Currently looking for those interested in sharing time to work with board member to overhaul website. Please contact Jonathan Vorasane for more information.


    Write news articles for the monthly newsletter and website to share on our social networks.

    Youth Initiative Coordinator

    Communicate and outreach to Laotian youth across the country to provide them with opportunities to network, attend conferences, and leadership training. The coordinator will help organize the yearly Laotian Youth Leadership Summit.

    If you are interested in volunteering for any of the above positions, please complete the questionnaire.