Every Lao Vote Counts


Every Lao Vote Counts

LANA encourages all Lao to vote in LOCAL elections for:

  • your school board members: these are the people who pick the books your child uses, the people who approve the curriculum in the school system, the same school that is to teach your child skills for their long term success in socity.
  • your city council members:they look at the cash inflow to the town, determint the trash pick up and the cleanliness of your town, the services thatare offered to your parents in terms of community centers, parks for the family.
  • be aware, read, listen.

Every vote counts. As a Laotian your vote is even more important.

> Read the Laotian Issues Voter Page in Lao

100% of Laotians over the age of 18 Voting means that we believe that our voice matters,and together, we can make policy changes that affect our community positively.

Election Resources:

> Information on Naturalization / Citizenship

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