Where does my money go?

What do we use your money for? Donate is MONEY AND TIME!

LANA Interim Chairwoman and Co-Treasurer Dara Stieglitz shares her answers:Dara Stieglitz

My first time on the Laotian American National Alliance (LANA) board, I raised the same questions. LANA had been in existence for over 9 years and concrete results and actions were what I was looking for.

I am a coach, all my outcomes have to have some sort of component. I can measure and evaluate.

The board members all hold full-time jobs, as well as having a family and living life as each of us do, food shopping, caring for young ones or elderly ones, planning birthdays, taking classes. We are busy and volunteering is what we do to help others, in this case LANA.

Our goals:

  • To connect with anyone who came to the US from Laos
  • To connect anything Lao or Laotian
  • To have an Executive Director for LANA

1. Connecting

Contact LANA to donate with checks:

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Laotian American National Alliance, Inc.
c/o Newcomer Community Service Center
1628 16th Street NW Washington DC 20009

You can also find us on


We are establishing connections with Laotian American Organizations throughout the United States with the help of strangers with the same roots as us through our website, e-mails, Facebook, phone calls and just showing up.
We are establishing connections with other Southeast Asian Organizations to support us, to learn from them so we can best advocate for the Laotian American Community.

We are attending workshops and conferences to learn ways to best communicate with each other, with individuals, with organizations, skills that are vital to the success of our children, our teens, our families, our communities.
We are establishing partnerships with all Lao ethnic groups, and other Asian groups.
This is time given from each and everyone we have met.

2. Connecting with all Lao

Our website has listed as many businesses and resources as possible as a resource and as support for the community. This has only been possible through the generosity and support of individuals who have taken the time to call and e-mail us with the information.
This is time people have donated by taking their time to send in information.

3. Executive Director

This takes money and lots of it. It also will take someone who cares for our community with lots of energy and gumption to speak to a board with diverse backgrounds and strengths.
90% of our time is spent on connecting with others. Money is always a sensitive issue so when we read or hear donate: we think money, money, money.