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Stating that you are Laotian on the American Census 2010 form means more federal money for education, social services, community services, our families and community. In addition to answers to frequently asked questions, we’ve outlined some important Census facts and what we as a community need to do to reach our goal of a complete Laotian National count in 2010.

Important Census Facts for Laotian Americans

What positive outcomes are achieved/provided by completing the Census?

  • The data generated by each census is used as baseline information for the establishment of policies and services for most public and private entities
  • Census figures are used to drive research, draw political boundaries, plan business strategies, develop funding allocations for services, and develop all forms of public polices
  • Companies and other organizations to determine the needs of a community (i.e. new locations for supermarkets, creation of housing complexes, building shopping malls, etc.)
  • Higher access to jobs, language services, healthcare, and grants for community based organizations
  • Determination of each state’s delegation of seats for the U.S. House of Representatives

2010 CENSUS GOAL: The Laotian National Complete Count

LANA urges all Laotian Americans (either born in Laos or with Lao ancestry) and the various Census collaborations to help spread crucial information to the hard-to-count multi-ethnic Laotian American communities all over the U.S.

The following is mandatory Census protocol for ALL Laotian Americans:

  • Manually mark “X” for Other Asian
  • Write “LAOTIAN” on the 2010 Census Form pertaining to race

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