Census 2010 in Lao

Lao translations of important Census 2010 information were made possible by the team efforts of Howard Phengsomphone, Khamphoui Singvongsa, Khammany Mathavongsy and Kith Chittirath. Special thanks to Thavone Nyatso for the PDF files.

As a group, we are united as Laotian Americans!

What are the benefits of stating that you are Laotian on the American Census 2010 form?

Greater awareness of Laotian Americans in the political arena of the United Stated could mean more federal money for:

  • Education
  • Social services
  • Community services
  • Our families and communities
  • How Census Works (from CivilRights.org)

The following information in Lao is from the official United States 2010 Census website:

The following fact sheet in Lao is from the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund:

> Fill In Our Future Census 2010 resources in Lao

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