Census 2010

LANA is a national partner of Census 2010. For more information, please also visit 2010 Census.

Door-To-Door Visits Begins for 2010 Census

Fill In Our Future Census 2010 resources in Lao

Census 2010 is gathering data about the US population in two ways:


  1. The American Community Survey Form: it takes approximately 20-30 minutes to fill out for a family of 4 persons.Details about income, education are included in this detailed form from US Census. Approximately 250,000 American Community Forms are mailed out each week. If this form is not returned within ten days of receipt, another one will be mailed to your house.ALL answers are confidential. ALL persons need to counted. Residency and citizenship not important in this survey. Private Information (name, address, citizenship status) will be held for 72 years….YES 72 YEARS!!!
  2. Census form to be mailed out March through April. ALL information on Census forms are CONFIDENTIAL. Private information (name, address) will be held confidential by the US Census bureau for 72 years.

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