National Scholarships

The scholarship information is posted as a resource. Any details for a specific scholarship, please contact the organization directly.


We are continuously accumulating scholarship information to add to If you know of an organization that provides scholarships to Laotian Americans, we would appreciate the information and post it here.

We encourage you to also check your college, local chamber of commerces, local organizations for additional listings.

4 thoughts on “National Scholarships

  1. Hi,

    I am an American presently traveling in Laos. Recently, I met a group of ethnic minorities; Hmong, Lao Lom, and Khmu. I taught an English class at a youth center near Vang Vieng in a neighboring village: Phoudindaeng. A center coordinator, a Hmong, asked me how he could attend university in America. Could you send me some info about scholarships, please? I will forward it to him.

    Thank you very much!

  2. The USA is my target to studying there, so i’ll give all the way i go.. help me to get there please..

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